Our Team

Company Officers

Jason Lewiston

Principal & Founder

Our principal is Jason Lewiston, who has been in the real estate business for almost 30 years, as a broker, developer, and general contractor. He has built over 1,000 houses and apartments, and served as a broker for hundreds of transactions. Jason has years of knowledge regarding infill development, and feels very strongly that we need density and clean mass transit in our developed areas to protect the environment for future generations. Jason was born and raised in the Detroit area and attended business school at the University of Michigan. He now lives in Denver.

Sarah Wells

Director of Sales

As a long time co-op resident herself, Sarah is uniquely qualified to be the Director of Sales for the Co-Own Company. Sarah began her foray into real estate in 2015, when she co-founded the Queen City Cooperative, a cooperative in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. A leader in cooperative housing both locally and nationally, Sarah also serves as board President for the Boulder Housing Coalition and on the board for NASCO Development Services, a national housing group focused on creating more cooperative housing.

Dmitrii Zavorotny

Technology Officer

Our Technology Officer is Dmitrii Zavorotny. Dmitrii has been a technology entrepreneur and software developer from a young age. He has worked as a database developer and data analyst for the past 10 years leveraging data science, analytics, and machine learning to help make smart business decisions. He has been a community advocate for smart, sustainable growth in the Denver metro area for the past 5 years. Dmitrii was born in Moscow, grew up in the Denver metro area and attended the University of Colorado. He now lives in Denver.

Chelsea DeFelice

Head Designer

Chelsea attended The Art Institute of Colorado, where she studied commercial design (i.e. restaurants and hotels). After graduation, Chelsea turned her attention to kitchen and bath design and enjoyed a stint in furniture and space planning for Ethan Allen. She went on to designing basements “from scratch” and privately consulting. “From selecting paint to drawing a building, my job is to ensure the project is done when it needs to be done.” Today, DeFelice is a mom and an industry pro of 12 years.

Key Advisors

Raymond Burrasca

Ray is a key financial advisor and attorney for the Co-Own Company. Ray has more than 40 years of great success in corporate finance-related positions, including private equity (venture capital, angel financing, mezzanine financing, leveraged buyouts, financial restructuring and re-engineering), commercial paper, large-scale bank financings, SEC reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Ray is an expert on Regulation A+ offerings.

Hugh Jeffers

Hugh is a Vice President of Centennial Mortgage. Hugh has 25 years of experience originating FHA loans. His expertise is in cooperative housing and he serves on the board of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives. Prior to Centennial, he worked for Love Funding, Bellwether Enterprise, Arbor Commercial Mortgage and managed the affordable housing team at the National Cooperative Bank. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and a master’s degree from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Gosia Kung

Gosia is an architect with KTGY Architecture and Planning in Denver. She earned an architecture degree in her native Poland. She brings 25 years of experience in architecture and urban design along with 10 years of community leadership and executive nonprofit management. Gosia specializes in “missing middle” and affordable housing policy and design. She serves on the Denver Planning Board. Gosia established Colorado’s first successful pedestrian advocacy organization, WalkDenver, and is a nationally recognized spokesperson for walkable cities.

Jeff Dawkins

Bruce Roberts

Jeff and Bruce are longtime residential and commercial architects from the Detroit area. They both have extensive experience in infill projects, custom homes, site planning and site design. Bruce is also a custom furniture maker.